Conference Room Scheduling Procedure Changes

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As you know, SETA has many meetings that occur at the main Del Paso Blvd office on a daily basis.  With 15 conference rooms, it can be especially challenging to direct individuals to the correct meeting rooms.  Many times the attendees are external clients, off-site employees, delegate agencies or employers who are utilizing our facilities. Many of them do not know the name of the meeting they are attending, which makes it difficult to direct them to the correct room.


In an effort to provide the best possible service to our employees, to the public, to prospective clients, partner agencies, and other customers, we are modifying the procedure for requesting a meeting room.


  1. Going forward there will be two designations for meetings: Internal (INT) and External (EXT).
  2. For meetings involving only internal Del Paso staff (your team or workgroup), you will need to designate that in the subject line of the meeting by inserting INT before the meeting name.  Example: INT – HR Staff Meeting. This will tell us you are not expecting anyone from outside of SETA to attend your meeting.  In this instance you will complete your request as you always have, picking the date, time, and supplying the name of the meeting and your contact information.
  3. For meetings involving external SETA staff, trainers, customers, employers, partner agencies, etc., (anyone from outside of SETA Del Paso, including outside site staff and food deliveries) you will need to designate that in the subject line of the meeting by inserting EXT before the meeting name.  Example: EXT – CLASS Training. Additionally, you will need to attach a completed PDF form titled: Conference Room Scheduling Form which can be found at K:\Conference Rooms.  You will need to complete all of the boxes on the form, saving the PDF and submitting with your reservation request.
  4. You will also need to copy Iris Trask and Stephany Murphy on your conference room meeting request. This is notated at the bottom of the conference room scheduling form to remind you.
  5. Meeting requests will be declined if INT or EXT is missing from the subject line or if the form is not attached to reservation request for external meetings. When declined, you will receive a message telling what is needed in order for your meeting request to be approved.
  6. Outlook will now include a reminder message at the top of all conference room meeting requests stating “If outside attendees/vendors scheduled, place ‘EXT’ in subject line and ATTACH the Conference Room Scheduling Form (K:\Conference Rooms). If not, place ‘INT” in the subject line.

Attached to this email is the Conference Room Scheduling Form and  the instructions on how to book a conference room. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Conference Room Scheduling Form


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